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Dance, in one form or another, has always been my passion. But it wasn't until 2002, when I discovered Belly Dance, that I knew my dance journey had finally led me to exactly where I was meant to be.


The combination of deliciously slow, sensual moves and sharp hip accents, the exciting beats of  the Middle Eastern music and, of course,  the chance to dress up in gorgeous sparkly costumes, trans-ported me to a fantasy world and, at the same time, made me feel I had truly come home at last.


Over the years, I have endeavoured to expand my knowledge of Middle Eastern dance and culture at every opportunity. In addition to the on-going training I have received from my regular instructors (to whom I am so very grateful for the knowledge and opportunities they have shared with me), I have also attended workshops with some wonderful, internationally acclaimed dancers including Ranya Renee, Jim Boz, Sadie, Serena & Hossam Ramzey, Elis Pinheiro, Nawarra, Yvette Cowles and Lorna Gow (Lorna of Cairo).


I have also been fortunate to travel to Turkey, Egypt and Morocco to discover more about this wonderful dance form in its ‘natural habitat’ (and to buy costumes of course – lots and lots of costumes!)


In addition to teaching regular classes and organising various events for the belly dance (and wider) community, I am available to dance with my student troupe, Byzance, at school fetes, community events, and residential and care homes. I also specialise in belly dance entertainment in the form of performances and workshops for ladies-only gatherings such as hen and birthday parties, WI and other ladies groups, and Brownie and Guide troupes as part of Karizma Belly Dance


Please feel free to contact me for details of classes or performances, either by using the contact form or by calling me on 07928 045090.