This class takes place on Monday mornings (11:00am to 12:00noon) at Showbiz Studios in Rayleigh. It is expected that this class will appeal mainly to ladies who are aged 40+, but any ladies who prefer a more laid back and gentle approach to exercise are very welcome to attend.


You will learn the basic movements used in belly dancing including hip drops, snakes arms, figure 8s, shimmies etc., building up to simple choreographed dances.  The focus of this class is to have fun while getting moving, and to meet new people while learning a new skill. All necessary equipment is provided to use during the class (hip scarves, veils etc.)


The cost of the class is £5 per week (£3 for your first week). If, after a few weeks, you decide to continue attending, we ask that you pay monthly to save using studio time collecting money at the beginning of every lesson.  This also guarantees your place. Please contact Tessa if you would like more info, or just come along on Monday morning.